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We are passionate about education.  not just classroom education, but real life education.


We believe in looking beyond the academic ability of an individual when we are recruiting and looking at how well they can communicate, how much they understand about the legal services industry and what they understand about business.  As there are so many candidates for each job, this is also how most law firms are approaching recruitment.  They are looking for the people who really stand out.


Here at Simpson Towers, we didn’t want to sit behind our desks and wonder why the perfect candidates weren’t walking in, we wanted to create a platform to educate students and train them on how to breeze past the interview stage.


We have created the Real World Learning course to help individuals that are determined to get a job practising the law.  The course teaches you skills that will see you flying past all other candidates when you are going for that interview and will really make you stand out from the crowd.


The course is 1 week long and is based at our Derby Head office.  After the week with us you will be able to:


  -  See how client interviews are conducted and have role playing experience with you conducting your own

  -  Understand the importance of knowing your numbers and really see what it’s like to Bill and Bank

  -  Understand why compliance is so important in working in a law firm

  -  Understand what business development in law is and the importance of being able to win business

  -  Put a file together and draft legal documents

  -  Learn how to manage a client, cross sell and influence the outcome

  -  Understand the role of COLP and COFA in an organisation

  -  Understand the involvement of the SRA and the Law Society


You will also receive one to one coaching and mentorship from us and you will receive help and assistance with:


  -  CV writing

  -  Interview skills

  -  Choosing the right practice for you


You Will also benefit from:


  -  Benefit from our contacts and experience

  -  Potential Job opportunities


Our courses run 6 times per year and very limited spaces available so please fill in the contact form below and we will give you a call to talk you through the booking process.

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