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Law on Tour

At Simpson Solicitors we see many people who regularly seek advice and assistance about Wills and Probate at a time when it is needed, unfortunately this is often too late. We are passionate about spreading the knowledge and information we have to ensure this is minimised. Therefore we decided to take the Law on Tour.


Our highly-trained expert advisors visit local community groups around the country providing free presentations, discussing key areas of Wills and Probate that affect everyone’s lives and aim to dispel many common myths. At Simpson Solicitors we do not lecture but simply provide information in a relaxed and understandable way. We also encourage the group to ask as many questions as possible.


Since starting Law on Tour, the feedback we have received has been incredible and it is enabling us to fulfil our ambition to make information surrounding Wills and Probate more accessible. If you are part of, or are aware of, a group who will benefit from one of our presentations please complete the form below.



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